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How to use Trello to organise your blog.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Has anyone heard of this? I found it last week while having a late night snoop on Pinterest and its bloody amazing. Basically its an online tool to help organise tasks and keep everything in the one place. Since last week I've made boards for blog, work, home and freelance projects and heres some reasons why you should use it too!


You can create different boards to cover the many hectic areas of your life. For me its many work, home and blog. You can also create teams if theres many contributors to one board e.g. I do this for home so Dermot and I can share chores.

trello boards


Lists are exactly what you think. You add tasks to your list so you have a visual of everything you need to do. These can be moved to different lists. Like below I have to do, in progress and done. This makes it easier for me to see what a process is like. 

trello lists


Cards are basically the items in your list. You can customise these cards with coloured labels, checklists, due dates, comments, attachments and loads more. There is literally no way of getting out of doing these tasks which is what I love about Trello. 

So I made a quick video to show you guys a walk through of the process and some of the many features Trello has. I hope I have converted you to use this service, its to good to be true I think and even has me very close to binning my planner( that won't happen) if you guys already use it and I'm just casually late to the party, tell me what you use it for and if its helped you!


Beautiful DIY to improve your living space

Saturday, 4 June 2016




What you'll need: Felt (cut into circles) / Glue gun / Plain pillow case

I love nothing more than a DIY. A colourful DIY is ten times better and one that cost around £5 is fucking class! I got inspiration for this project from Pinterest and thought I'd give it a go. You can buy  the felt already cut into circles but muggins here sat and cut 60 circles as I already had some felt to use. 

It really is as easy as it looks. I just glued semi-circles along the top of the pillowcase and layered the circles to create the scalloped effect. Easy as pie and it makes a great colourful edition to any living room. 

If you guys have any easy DIY's please share them, I love a good Summer DIY! 


Some of London's cheap delights

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

London bridge

I’m just back from a lovely bank holiday weekend in London. It was also my birthday so I was spoiled rotten for three whole days. I even got a nap during lunch time, something I haven’t had in years. 

It was wonderful, but one thing I really noticed was how expensive its gotten, especially travel. I first went to London nearly 10 years ago and was surprised at how reasonable everything was. Belfast can be pricey at times so I wasn’t shocked when drinks cost nearly £6 and meals where in the £12-£15 mark. But what I did notice was the prices for travel were hella high. 

Now I’m super cheap, I don’t try to hide it and I love being frugal and getting a bargain, even though it was my birthday and I wanted to splash out a bit (which I did) I didn’t feel good about spending money for the sake of it, so I quickly came up with a few things to do in London on the somewhat cheap:


London Bridge, Buckingham palace, westminster are all free to look at from the outside. The only disadvantage to this was the price for all day travel in the tube. From zones 1-6 you can buy an all day pass for £12.10. Considering how much we used ours it worked out very well. The tube goes on till the early morning so you can use it instead of an Uber. 


We visited the Tate Modern and the National Gallery which are both free and both amazing! National Gallery has a lot of work from Van Gogh to Rapheal which were amazing to see in really life. 

Pinics in the Park

On our first night we went to Hyde Park and on the way called into Sainsburys to get a bottle of water. I ended up buying picnicy things that were on offer like baguettes, cheese and olives. It saved us a fortune on lunch in the city and we got the pleasure of eating it outside.

I’m sure theres loads more cheap things to do in London but this list really saved us some dollar for the two days we were there. We’re going again in march so any other cheap ideas you guys have, send them my way. 


Awesome Character speed drawing with Adobe Illustrator

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Speed drawing is so much fun! Its actually so interesting to see how you work. For example I know I spend quite a bit of time aligning images and sizing them. But that a good thing, its definitely not time wasted IMO.

Anyway I'm really getting into character development with my illustrations. I've been playing around with After Effects and its so much fun to create illustrations that also move. It actually blew my mind when I first did it. You can check out my first attempt here.

My Friend Inga and I are in the slow and steady process of developing an amazing new animated project. We have a few local artist in the pipelines that we'd like to work with so hopefully by the end of Summer I'll have an amazing animated project to show off. Take a look at Ingas animations here. She's the tits.

Does anyone else use After Effects and have any tips?



Tuesday, 17 May 2016
I've never used Pinterest for anything other than enjoyment. The social element never crossed my mind and I certainly didn't think I could use it to drive traffic to my blog. It sounds too good to be true but you can use Pinterest to your blogging advantage. 

I go on Pinterest everyday. If I don't know what to have for dinner I check my food board. When I don't know what to wear I'll look at fashion. I think its a great place to keep all my resources.

First of all my stats are not amazing but when I first started looking at them I really didn't expect much. One thing I was most surprised at was my avg. monthly viewers, its pretty high for someone who gave zero thought to gaining views. 

digital marketing

I didn't realise but I had actually inadvertently been doing all the right things to start building traffic. I used Pinterest everyday, I pinned similar things and was building up a collection on my boards and I was pinning my own illustrations and blog posts which were being pinned in other places.

digital marketing

digital marketing

 Its great to see were my traffic is coming from and seeing new insights into analytics from other sites. Hopefully this will help me gain a better understanding of digital marketing and  learn how to build upon it.

Does anyone else have any digital marketing tricks?



Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Travelogue - bought in Barcelona (you can get it here!)

I bought this travel diary when I was in Barcelona to help keep a document of all the places I've been and want to go. Travel is a pretty big deal for me these days and I want to be able to look back at special memories of the places I went to and this diary has everything a keen traveler would need.

So there are two parts to this book. Part one is a scratch off map so you can document all the places you have traveled to. It's a great visual for you to see the different countries you have and haven't been too. From doing this I've seen that I've never been to the continent of Africa, so its next on my list.

The second part is a booklet filled with lists, itineraries and packing musts. Its made my travelling experience a lot easier to deal with and even has some great suggestion I've never thought off. Theres also a part of the booklet that a diary for all your adventures you've done and are yet to do.

Also I've started a pinterest board for all the places I want to go in the next year. Have you guys got any suggestions?


Lazy Sundays

Sunday, 8 May 2016





Sundays are so much better when the sun is shining and I get to play with my daughter and dog. I sometimes think I need to start a separate blog full of my daughters outfits cause I swear she has so much more style than me. I let her pick out her own clothes so I can't even take some of the credit.

What did you guys do on this sunny Sunday?


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